Hybrid Document Management

At Box-it South East, we understand the challenges of managing paper and digital documents which is why we have developed a number of effective and affordable solutions to overcome this.  For many organisations, the prospect of back scanning all their paper records and converting them into digital assets is neither cost-effective or practical.

Hybrid document management, the integration of physical and digital document management, provides a more practical compromise for many, and there are several ways in which Box-it South East based in Kent can facilitate this.

Scanning Services Kent

Box-it South East provides a range of flexible scanning services to support our clients’ hybrid document management needs.

Scanning services in Kent

Scan your live documents and store your archive

We can scan your live records and store your historical records in our secure document storage centres in Kent, here in the South East.  We can output your digitised records in a variety of formats, and you also have the option of Omnidox, our Cloud based electronic document management system.  Should you need to retrieve a physical record, we can return this to you via Scan on Demand, or deliver it back to your premises.

Scan on Demand

Should you need to retrieve a document from storage, our clients have the option of Scan on Demand.  This means we can make your document available to you electronically.  We locate your document, our DBS screened staff scan it/them, and it/they are returned to you via a secure link using Omnidox.

Scan from Archive

This is a service that is becoming more and more popular. We can pre-agree a schedule with you to gradually digitise your paper records held in our document storage centres.  This is a very flexible, affordable service.

Document Management

Complete, end-to-end document management solutions throughout Kent and the South East for businesses of all sizes.

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Hybrid Document Management solutions when paper and electronic processes combine, using established services in an integrated...

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