Digital Document Management

Store electronically in the Omnidox Cloud

It’s not just about physical archive storage. At Box-it South East, we offer solutions for digital document storage and management too. Omnidox is Box-it’s award winning Cloud based platform for digital document management.  We can assist you with any digitisation needs you may have via our document scanning and data capture services.

Hosted securely by Box-it on UK based servers, this robust system allows you to manage and share all sorts of electronic documents, giving you secure access via the internet from any location.

Within the Omnidox family, there are also specific solutions for HR, Accounts Payable/Invoice Processing and Digital Mailroom as well as the newly launched Omnidox Document Manager.


Document Management

Complete, end-to-end document management solutions throughout Kent and the South East for businesses of all sizes.

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Hybrid Document Management solutions when paper and electronic processes combine, using established services in an integrated...

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