The Benefits of A Confidential Shredding Service

In offices throughout the land there is a huge amount of paper waste created every single day. From writing paper, to notepads, receipts, invoices, marketing literature and other pieces of official paper, it is important that a company has a policy for paper waste and its disposal.

With a confidential shredding service, such as the one provided by Box-it South East you can help your business be fully prepared to cover:

ID Fraud – It is only natural that in a place of business there will be pieces of paper and documentation that contain sensitive and personal information. This covers employees, suppliers and customers. In order to ward off the threat of ID fraud, committing to a strict policy of confidential paper shredding allows you to do everything in your power to keep information safe, and away from prying eyes.

Comply with GDPR – With the onset of GDPR in 2018, there has been a shift in mind-set from every UK business as to how data is stored, and how data is destroyed or removed from the premises of an organisation. Our confidential shredding service is the perfect answer to GDPR, allowing you to dispose of information in a safe and private manner.

Within any business it is always important that you conduct a regular review of your paper waste disposal policy to ensure that you are shredding everything that should be disposed of safely.

Box-it South East provides a confidential document shredding service for businesses located in Kent, East Sussex, South and South East London. It is a secure way to give you peace of mind that all documents are disposed of in a safe, monitored environment. To find out more about our service you can call us on 01795 841 010.

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